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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – February 16 2019

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Clues Answers
Asylum-seeker EMIGRE
Bakery treat ECLAIR
Ballpark feat HOMER
Breezes WINDS
Complete END
Crooner Tormé MEL
Cunning ARTFUL
Eschews booze TEETOTALS
Flight units STEPS
Grammar topic USAGE
Ignored the limit SPED
Improve, in a way AMEND
Japanese mat TATAMI
Juan of Argentina PERON
Kathmandu’s kingdom NEPAL
Like tumblers AGILE
Major’s group TORIES
Make a cameo CARVE
Mark of disgrace STIGMA
Mine section SHAFT
Monopolize the mirror PRIMP
News hour ELEVEN
Orbital points APOGEES
Pear-shaped fruit FIG
Pocket beeper PAGER
Pool tools CUES
Put away ATE
Puts up ERECTS
Quartet offering RECITAL
Rose part STEM
Rutabaga’s cousin TURNIP
Sailing hazard FOG
Sailing hazards SNAGS
Scoundrel CAD
Shopping haven MALL
Showy parrot MACAW
Singer Ritter TEX
Some diviners read them TEALEAVES
Some nest eggs IRAS
Superfluous EXTRA
Throws in ADDS
Tipsy LIT
Wagon puller ASS
Yielded under pressure CAVED
__ Lanka SRI