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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – February 19 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Modern Family’ network ABC
Arrived CAME
Bona fide LEGIT
Boxing great ALI
Bully’s target NERD
Cereal bit OAT
Chess pieces MEN
Cork sound POP
Corn spike EAR
Dance units STEPS
Dapper fellow DAN
Depart LEAVE
Divisible by two EVEN
Dull pain ACHE
Eiffel Tower setting PARIS
Eye opening PUPIL
Finish END
Firefighting tool AXE
Flow out EBB
Flying toy KITE
Force member COP
Game piece TOKEN
Grill waste ASHES
High tennis hit LOB
Hogwarts student HARRYPOTTER
Hogwarts student DRACOMALFOY
Kind of wave or basin TIDAL
King, in Latin REX
Little devils DEMONS
Long skirt MAXI
Matt of movies DAMON
Miles off AFAR
Peepers EYES
Penalized FINED
Place to put in COVE
Pot cover LID
Put a cap on LIMIT
Record needle STYLUS
Renounce WAIVE
Ring feature GEM
Rotten kid BRAT
Says further ADDS
Screen dot PIXEL
Skillet PAN
Some exams FINALS
Tarragon or thyme HERB
Tender areas SORES
Thick cut SLAB
Top card ACE
Traction aid CLEAT
TV’s Trebek ALEX
Vetoed NIXED
Zodiac cat LEO