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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – February 6 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Captain Blood’ star FLYNN
__ Miniver’ MRS
Burning AFLAME
Clear a drain UNSTOP
Cloverleaf part ONRAMP
Contort SKEW
Count start ONE
Danny of ‘The Court Jester’ KAYE
Demonic EVIL
Did a fourth-down job PUNTED
Empire’s foes JEDI
Foe of Harry and Ron DRACO
Forecast word RAIN
Former senator Bayh EVAN
Future embryos OVA
Goblet parts STEMS
Having an aquiline schnozz HAWKNOSED
Having keen vision EAGLEEYED
High-protein grain QUINOA
Home, informally DIGS
Hosp. VIPs RNS
Israeli gun UZI
Jacques or Jean NOM
Join together WED
Letter after epsilon ZETA
Manipulative sort USER
Mosquito attack BITE
Movie mutants XMEN
Oatmeal annoyances LUMPS
Overly TOO
Pillbox, e.g HAT
Plot unit ACRE
Polite denial NOMAAM
Radiate EXUDE
Ram sounds BAAS
Revered one IDOL
Shrinking sea ARAL
Sky shade BLUE
Slob’s creations MESSES
Small herrings SPRATS
Small worker ANT
Stand RISE
Stocking stuffers TOYS
Suffering ILL
Supreme Court justice Kagan ELENA
Taunt JEER
Ten-armed swimmer SQUID
Tour carrier BUS
Tourney pass BYE
Tree fluid SAP
Two-wheelers BIKES
White House power VETO
Wrong AWRY