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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – January 14 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Apollo 13’ org NASA
‘Cats’ poet T.S ELIOT
‘Star Wars’ heroine LEIA
‘— go bragh!’ ERIN
Article ITEM
Bol. neighbor ARG
Bring to bear EXERT
Brown tint SEPIA
Chopping tool AXE
Cloth fold PLEAT
Crouton’s place SALAD
Danger PERIL
Deceitful person LIAR
Determined SET
Dry areas DESERTS
Ear parts LOBES
Eye drop TEAR
Fancy party GALA
Feeding time need BIB
Fill with wonder AMAZE
Finger count TEN
First performance DEBUT
Fuel from bogs PEAT
Game cube DIE
Get some shut-eye SLEEP
Grinding item MILLSTONE
Half of a sextet TRIO
High-stepping aids STILTS
In the thick of AMID
Japanese cartoon films ANIME
Like some early space flights MANNED
Mailing need STAMP
Make suitable ADAPT
Miser Marner SILAS
Move carefully EASE
Nimble SPRY
Old horse NAG
Outback bird EMU
Protractor measure ANGLE
Pub game DARTS
Ray-gun sound ZAP
Remain STAY
Sauna site SPA
Significant event MILESTONE
Sinking signal SOS
Soda choice COLA
Tofu source SOY
Violent weather TEMPEST
Winter weather phenomenon ICESTORM
Workout count REPS
Wrongful act TORT