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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – January 26 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Sexy’ Beatles girl SADIE
1998 Winter Olympics site NAGANO
Alarm sound SIREN
Appetizing SAVORY
Bakery buy TART
Bakery workers ICERS
Bowler, e.g HAT
Bush’s successor OBAMA
Choir group ALTOS
Circle section ARC
Curator’s topic ART
Digression ASIDE
Epoch’s kin ERA
Eve’s opposite MORN
Fires CANS
Flag creator ROSS
Gambler’s secret SYSTEM
Gaming spot ARCADE
Get snug NESTLE
Haitian island TORTUGA
Know-how SMARTS
Letter opener DEARSIR
Manor settings ESTATES
Met shows OPERAS
Metal sources ORES
Mustang holder CORRAL
Nickname for Eric THERED
One or more SOME
Penny prez ABE
Permitted LEGAL
Phoebe of film CATES
Piece of land TRACT
Print unit PICA
Raptors’ home TORONTO
Short jackets ETONS
Singer Placido DOMINGO
Snoop group: Abbr CIA
Sports figures STATS
Stevedores, at times LADERS
Sub weapon TORPEDO
Surgery memento SCAR
Tragic king LEAR
Transport to Oz TORNADO
Turn away AVERT
Underworld bosses CAPOS
X-ray units RADS