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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – January 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Acting groups CASTS
Animator’s frame CEL
Atlas page MAP
Bauxite product TIN
Bend out of shape WARP
Brain parts CEREBRA
China holder CABINET
Come to AWAKEN
Comes up ARISES
Concert bonus ENCORE
Disposable vessel PAPERCUP
Drew close to NEARED
Family KIN
Fancy homes ESTATES
Fetching CUTE
Folded food TACO
Foot or fathom UNIT
Grow toward night LATEN
Horn sound BEEP
In the style of ALA
Inclines SLANTS
Lawyer’s job CASE
Lawyers’ org ABA
Left, at sea APORT
Lock of hair TRESS
Main dishes ENTREES
Mine matter ORE
Mine transport TRAMCAR
Misbehave ACTUP
Novak of ‘Vertigo’ KIM
Nuisance PEST
One of a bear trio PAPA
Open-handed hit SLAP
Painful injury PAPERCUT
Patisserie worker BAKER
Pragmatic person REALIST
Pretends to be POSESAS
Provinces AREAS
Resting on ATOP
Scooter’s cousins MOPEDS
Spa room SAUNA
Take care of SEETO
Tiny holes PORES
Top floor ATTIC
Tourist’s car RENTAL
Word separator SPACE