Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Skyfall” singer ADELE
“The King” ELVIS
Altar words IDO
Ancient OLD
Bold poker bet ALLIN
Building wing ELL
Canary sound CHEEP
Car sticker DECAL
Caribbean, for one SEA
Chocolate imitation CAROB
Conclude END
Cringes in fear COWERS
Faithful LOYAL
Felt concern CARED
Find darling ADORE
Foreboding OMINOUS
Game official REF
Hackneyed TRITE
Hearing and smell, for two SENSES
Ho of Hawaii DON
In the past ONCE
Job reward RAISE
Joke teller COMIC
Leave out OMIT
Lupino of film IDA
Map lines ROADS
Marital split DIVORCE
Memory units BYTES
Mess up ERR
Moderately sweet DEMISEC
Muscularly fit TONED
Old card game LOO
Owen of “Inside Man” CLIVE
Plain to see EVIDENT
Popular reads BESTSELLERS
Prepare for another war REARM
Racket NOISE
Rock’s __ Leppard DEF
Skateboarding jump OLLIE
Skirt edge HEM
Soft leather SUEDE
Spots for bottles WINECELLARS
Take in SEE
Title paper DEED
Trip around the track LAP
Triple Crown leg BELMONT
TV’s O’Donnell ROSIE
Velocity SPEED
Way of thinking MINDSET

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