Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Rats!” DANG
“__ a Small World” ITS
“__ Lisa” MONA
Arcade patron GAMER
Attire GARB
Cain’s mother EVE
Carnival city RIO
Cleared out VACATED
Court event TRIAL
Courtroom vow IDO
Decline SAG
Dike’s kin LEVEE
Director DuVernay AVA
Elite athlete ALLSTAR
Faking being knocked out TAKINGAFALL
Felt unwell AILED
Fixed charge FEE
Garden starters SEEDS
Get louder SPEAKUP
Grumpy friend DOC
Horseshoe shape CEE
Human beings MORTALS
Instruments made from gourds MARACAS
Intermediary LIAISON
Is fond of LIKES
Layered mineral MICA
Like gymnasts AGILE
Make good as new RESTORE
Painter Edouard MANET
Party dip SALSA
Pendulum path ARC
Piano piece ETUDE
Quarterback Manning ELI
Security system parts SENSORS
Shoe parts SOLES
Soup cracker SALTINE
Sphere ORB
Strong winds GALES
Suit pieces VESTS
Swiss peaks ALPS
Take a load off SIT
Tequila source AGAVE
Termite’s kin ANT
Theater fixture STAGE
Train stop DEPOT
Want badly CRAVE
Worker with a pick MINER
Young ones TOTS

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