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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
‘My Fair Lady’ role ELIZA
Barber’s tool RAZOR
Barrel piece STAVE
Big tub VAT
Bright parrot MACAW
Car gear REVERSE
Car type SEDAN
Copter part ROTOR
Cut off LOP
Detecting device SENSOR
Don Juan, for one SEDUCER
Drake’s music RAP
Fancy ties ASCOTS
Fellows MEN
Football’s Marino DAN
Game with a drawing LOTTO
Groom’s wear TUX
Industrious insect ANT
Inspiration SPARK
Is important MATTERS
Lasso ROPE
Loafer or sneaker SHOE
Love, in Lombardy AMORE
Manual reader USER
Clues Answers
More glitzy SHOWIER
Moving about ASTIR
Mystery writer Stout REX
Nonsense ROT
Origami bird CRANE
Possess OWN
Protein-building acid AMINO
Referred to CITED
Salt Lake City player UTE
Scrooge, for one MISER
Soda fountain orders MALTS
Some paints ENAMELS
Sparkly crown TIARA
Surprise win UPSET
They’ve abandoned cable TV CORDCUTTERS
Three, in Torino TRE
Trees with needles PINES
Twosome DUO
Unadorned STARK
Use a chair SIT
Used a towel DRIED
Workers with axes WOODCUTTERS