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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 17 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Once — a time …’ UPON
‘So Sick’ singer NEYO
— de deux PAS
Actor Ayres LEW
Anne Brontë’s ‘– Grey’ AGNES
CBer’s need RADIO
Collectors of DNA samples SWABS
Court event TRIAL
Craze FAD
Director DeMille CECIL
Drill part BIT
Exclusive group COTERIE
Fancy homes ESTATES
Favoring neither side NEUTRAL
Food lover EPICURE
Glisten SHINE
Improve, in a way AMEND
Leering sort OGLER
Letter after pi RHO
Like planetary paths ORBITAL
Like zebras STRIPED
Looks over SCANS
Made sense ADDEDUP
Make swollen BLOAT
Meaty stew GOULASH
Clues Answers
Move quickly DART
Neat as — APIN
Neither follower NOR
Neptune’s realm SEA
Old harps LYRES
Olive of cartoons OYL
Painter Picasso PABLO
Party staple DIP
Picasso and Braque CUBISTS
Quarterback Manning ELI
Rink surface ICE
Run-down SEEDY
Sandy hill DUNE
Sheriff’s group POSSE
Simple card game WAR
Slopes rider SNOWBOARDER
Stood stunned GAPED
Straight path BEELINE
Tavern INN
Wallet bills ONES
West Point student CADET
With dignity NOBLY
Writer Tan AMY