Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Enough already!” DROPIT
“__ little teapot …” IMA
Almanac section INDEX
Anger IRE
Available, as a room TOLET
Bakery buy TART
Banderas of “Desperado” ANTONIO
Bleating beasts GOATS
Carved gem CAMEO
Charged particle ION
Daily routines GRINDS
Dancer Duncan ISADORA
Dolphin’s cousin PORPOISE
Easy gait TROT
Edinburgh native SCOT
Fixed, as a piano TUNED
Flight part STAIR
Flower girl, often NIECE
Folded food TACO
Former spouses EXES
From the U.S AMER
Gallery fill ART
Go by PASS
Grain to grind GRIST
Grouser’s forte CARPING
Hide away STASH
Hot, in a way STOLEN
Mermaid’s home OCEAN
Michael of “Sleuth” CAINE
Monogram unit INITIAL
Notion IDEA
On the FBI’s list WANTED
Out of style DATED
Paid tribute to HONORED
Parrot or puppy PET
Peaceful SERENE
Punctual ONTIME
Religious group SECT
Rotated TURNED
Silent assent NOD
Simple card game WAR
Slow mover TORTOISE
Space Needle setting SEATTLE
Trick RUSE
Unconfirmed RUMORED
Young one TOT

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