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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– a Rebel’ HES
‘Ben-Hur’ highlight CHARIOTRACE
‘Darn!’ HECK
‘Ice Age’ sloth SID
‘Spy Game’ org CIA
‘Swell!’ NEATO
‘Well, that’s obvious!’ DUH
Affected GOTTO
Apt. ad abbr RMS
Athenian, e.g GREEK
Basic idea GIST
Be frugal SKIMP
Be real EXIST
Circle spokes RADII
Colorful flowers, for short GLADS
Common verb ARE
Concluded ENDED
Director’s cry CUT
Diving bird AUK
Feigned courage BRAVEFACE
Fiber optics field TELECOM
First-rate AONE
Furniture wood OAK
Game piece DIE
Gave lessons to TUTORED
Hair goo GEL
Clues Answers
High singers SOPRANI
In — (disordered) AMESS
Kayo count TEN
Keanu of ‘Speed’ REEVES
Lingerie item BRA
Lose one’s hearing GODEAF
Lumber tool AXE
Obliquely ASLANT
Paddy crops RICES
Prom transport LIMO
Promptly ONCUE
Put into piles SORTED
Russian country home DACHA
Salon offering TRIM
Say further ADD
Slalom maneuver ESS
Sought-after needlework IRISHLACE
Stirs up ROILS
Team leader COACH
Theater worker USHER
Torah cabinet ARK
Touch down LAND
Track events MEETS
Uno plus due TRE
Unspoken TACIT
Writer Puzo MARIO