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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Jurassic Park’ beast, for short TREX
Allude to CITE
App makeup CODE
Asian language THAI
Base meal MESS
Blunder ERR
Cabinet part DOOR
Canadian capital OTTAWA
Caribou’s cousin ELK
Citrus flavor LIME
Conforms ADAPTS
Decade parts YEARS
Destiny FATE
Ducked down TOOKCOVER
Easter find EGG
Emporium SHOP
Emporium STORE
Fade out DIE
Fit for all viewers RATEDG
For every PER
Gift attachments TAGS
Green stone JADE
Imitations FAKES
Lazy fellow BUM
Less speedy SLOWER
Library patron READER
Clues Answers
Make a choice OPT
Match setting COURT
Mercury or Mars GOD
Middle-earth baddie ORC
Perp pursuers COPS
Phone bug TAP
Pickled buds CAPERS
Pool need CUE
Pop star IDOL
Ready for business OPEN
Sauté FRY
Scone accompaniment TEA
Shaving need RAZOR
Singer Seeger PETE
Skiing spot SLOPE
Slow tempo ADAGIO
Smell ODOR
Some signs OMENS
Song snippet LYRIC
Spur on URGE
Switch setting OFF
Title setting BOOKCOVER
Track shape OVAL
Trough eaters HOGS
Veered sharply ZAGGED
Workers’ home HIVE
Young kangaroo JOEY