Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 29 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Arrogant folks BOASTERS
Attain GET
Barbershop offering SHAVE
Big lummox GALOOT
Brings to bear EXERTS
Capital of Italia ROMA
Cell feature BARS
Collections SETS
Compete VIE
Completely ALL
Constructed BUILT
Cook’s mint SAGE
Diabolical EVIL
Easy dance ONESTEP
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Farm sight SILO
Fight site RING
Finale END
Fire AXE
Flag features STARS
Ham and lamb MEATS
Head, to Henri TETE
Horn output TOOTS
Hot, in a way STOLEN
Irritate RILE
Kitchen appliances TOASTERS
Lake near Buffalo ERIE
Lamented loudly WAILED
Low digits TOES
Matador’s foe TORO
Messy person SLOB
Monthly bill RENT
Neckline shape VEE
Old Italian coin LIRA
Othello’s betrayer IAGO
Parade site STREET
Pens for hens COOPS
Popular trees MAPLES
Poultry buys ROASTERS
Prom crowd TEENS
Radius setting ARM
Reclined LAIN
Region AREA
Ridicule SCORN
Sheltered side LEE
Table protectors COASTERS
Work byproduct SWEAT
Wound remnant SCAR

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