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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 3 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Message received’ ROGER
App makeup CODE
Apply hastily SLAPON
Avoid the truth LIE
Baseball stats ATBATS
Belonging to those folks THEIR
Bowl-shaped pan WOK
Cats and dogs PETS
Changed, as boundaries REDREW
Chick’s mother HEN
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Common article THE
Commotion STIR
Courts WOOS
Dish with a crust POTPIE
Donkey sound HEEHAW
European peninsula IBERIA
Exemplary IDEAL
Fable writer AESOP
Fawn’s mother DOE
Feeding-time need BIB
Flying toy KITE
Foal’s mother MARE
Go wrong ERR
Groom’s promise IDO
Half of hex- TRI
Clues Answers
Hardens SETS
Historic Boston elm LIBERTYTREE
Honolulu’s island OAHU
Indiana team PACERS
Labor leader Chavez CESAR
Like oxen YOKED
Like sages WISE
Like some wire BARBED
Lobed organ EAR
Low digit THREE
LP successors CDS
National symbol FLAG
National symbol EAGLE
Near the ground LOW
Perhaps MAYBE
Philadelphia attraction LIBERTYBELL
Relaxed ATEASE
Scary cry BOO
Sense of self EGO
Smell ODOR
Spectrum color RED
Statute LAW
Swindle BILK
Take to court SUE
Twist in agony WRITHE
Writer Virginia WOOLF