Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 5 2018

Clues Answers
‘Dear me!’ OHNO
‘Roots’ writer HALEY
Alpine caller YODELER
Barbecue rods SPITS
Be a snoop PRY
Centers CORES
Crooner Tormé MEL
Crumpet’s cousin SCONE
Cry of insight AHA
Dump output ODOR
Eager AVID
European peak ALP
Fence part GATEPOST
Hot flow LAVA
Libya neighbor EGYPT
Libya neighbor CHAD
Lord’s wife LADY
Lunch time NOON
Marquee name STAR
Mentioned CITED
Methods WAYS
Midnight movie LATESHOW
Milk carton words ONEPINT
Clues Answers
Mother of Ares HERA
Mournful TEARY
Museum focus ART
News story start DATELINE
Not busy IDLE
Palm’s place HAND
Potter’s stuff CLAY
Procured GOT
Quest of cartoons JONNY
Rascal SCAMP
Reason to cut the cable RATEHIKE
Ring of light HALO
River floater RAFT
Sandy’s bark ARF
Sock pattern ARGYLE
Some apartments CONDOS
Some bills TENS
Sports official SCORER
Stepped down ALIT
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Tart fruit SLOE
Tatters SHREDS
Trifling PETTY
Very, at Versailles TRES

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