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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 9 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo- –‘ DAH
Battery ends ANODES
Big truck VAN
Borders EDGES
Canary snack SEED
Chick’s mother HEN
Chops down HEWS
Come into view EMERGE
Dance party crowd RAVERS
Eden resident EVE
Esprit de corps MORALE
Finish END
Frugal fellows SAVERS
Grass coating DEW
Heart or liver ORGAN
Hesitates WAVERS
High cards ACES
Impair MAR
In unison AGREED
Indulge PAMPER
Isaac’s mother SARAH
Kind of boom SONIC
Kitchen appliance STOVE
Kitchen girl of song DINAH
Clues Answers
Lode settings MINES
Makes rugs WEAVES
Mexican coin PESO
Out-of-the-park hits HOMERS
Party throwers HOSTS
Patio stones PAVERS
Possess HAVE
Pronto, in memos ASAP
Pub brews ALES
Search the riverbed DREDGE
Showy flowers, for short MUMS
Spelunking enthusiast CAVER
Sports setting ARENA
Start a tennis game SERVE
Steer clear of EVADE
Therefore ERGO
Topper CAP
Transmit SEND
TV spots ADS
Use a stool SIT
Valuable rocks ORES
West Point student CADET
Wound reminder SCAR
Young lads SHAVERS