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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 1 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Maude’ or ‘Frasier’ SPINOFF
All ears RAPT
Annoyed UPSET
Asian capital HANOI
Before today AGO
Broadway orphan ANNIE
Concur AGREE
Convenes MEETS
Dapper fellow DAN
Discernment TASTE
Droopy-eared dog SPANIEL
Endure LAST
Enter a password, say LOGIN
Field unit ACRE
Fleet-based NAVAL
Garden areas BEDS
Greek cheese FETA
Jazz variety BOP
Jury member PEER
Last letter OMEGA
Like Loki NORSE
Perfect places EDENS

Clues Answers
Powerful bunch INS
Proofing mark STET
Put away ATE
Road reversal UTURN
Saddler’s tools AWLS
Sahara sights DUNES
Salon sound SNIP
Sense FEEL
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Spot SEE
Stepped down ALIT
Table scrap ORT
Tacit okay NOD
Took the title WON
Trounce BEAT
Tuning knob DIAL
Use a soapbox ORATE
Valhalla VIP ODIN
Velcro feature LOOP
Visibly shocked AGAPE
White House office shape OVAL
Word of action VERB
Writer Ferber EDNA
Writer James AGEE
Yellow Monopoly property MARVINGARDENS
Yellow Monopoly property VENTNORAVENUE