Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Airline prices FARES
Andean animal LLAMA
Attempt TRY
Beer’s kin ALE
Begins anew RESUMES
Body shop challenges DENTS
Coat-applying tool PAINTROLLER
Dawn goddess EOS
Dull fellows CLODS
Flies high SOARS
Flower parts SEPALS
Game caller REF
Gander’s mate GOOSE
High card ACE
Jacket flap LAPEL
Kicks off STARTS
Lock opener KEY
Mendes of movies EVA
Mine material ORE
Ohio city AKRON
Orange cover RIND
Outdoor theater DRIVEIN
Parcel out ALLOT
Party prep SETUP
Play division ACT
Put up ERECT
Restlessly, in music AGITATO
Road flattener STEAMROLLER
Roping contest RODEO
Salt Lake City player UTE
Scents ODORS
Ship’s crane DAVIT
Short book NOVELLA
Showed scorn SCOFFED
Snares TRAPS
Sophia of “Two Women” LOREN
Sources of answers ORACLES
Stepped down ALIT
Stop END
Stretches over SPANS
Supplies with turf SODS
Swamp stuff MUD
Therefore ERGO
Track events RACES
Verb for you ARE
Vote in ELECT
Wild party RAGER
Without assistance ALONE
Work breaks RESTS
Writer Tarbell IDA

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