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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 14 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Superman’ star REEVE
Accepts a driver’s invitation HOPSIN
Active folks DOERS
Anaphylaxis treatment, for short EPI
Base meal MESS
Beanie or beret CAP
Bird with flippers PENGUIN
Blunder ERR
Bridge forerunner WHIST
Clear the decks SWAB
Comfy spots NESTS
Common verb ARE
Cough queller CODEINE
Deli meat HAM
Factions SIDES
Glutton HOG
Huge snake BOA
Jewelry buy PENDANT
Keats work ODE
Laughable INANE
Like the Sahara ARID
Lover of Daphnis CHLOE
Martian, in some sci-fi INVADER
Museum guides DOCENTS
Nashville show OPRY
Clues Answers
No longer good EXPIRED
Occupied HELD
On that spot THERE
Patriot Ethan ALLEN
Perfume counter bottle TESTER
Pole workers ELVES
Polite fellow GENT
Programs AGENDAS
Question of place WHERE
Question of time WHEN
Ruby of films DEE
Scathing review PAN
Schoolbag item PENCIL
Scuffle SCRAP
Shrek and Fiona OGRES
Stage decor SCENERY
Swelled head EGO
Take it easy RELAX
Tarkington book PENROD
Ten: Prefix DECA
Therefore HENCE
Thrifty one SAVER
Wields USES
Yale rooter ELI
Zorro attire CAPE