Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 15 2018

Clues Answers
‘– for the Misbegotten’ AMOON
‘I understand!’ GOTIT
‘Ocean’s 8’ co-star CATEBLANCHETT
‘Ocean’s 8’ co-star SANDRABULLOCK
— de deux PAS
Artery opener STENT
Badly ILL
Baltimore pro RAVEN
Benefit AVAIL
Bombshell Brigitte BARDOT
Book basis PLOT
Boxer Norton KEN
Busybody YENTA
Carpenter’s plane, e.g EVENER
Composer Charles IVES
Copied a coyote BAYED
Cut off STOP
Cut off END
Designer Pucci EMILIO
Fan’s favorite IDOL
Feasted DINED
Fixes holes DARNS
Frilly wrap BOA
Game piece DIE
Clues Answers
Garden area BED
Greek letters TAUS
Helms the picture DIRECTS
Island strings UKULELE
Kind of wave TIDAL
La Scala offering OPERA
Lab runners MICE
Lingered DALLIED
Los –, New Mexico ALAMOS
Lose traction SKID
Musical symbol SHARP
Norse trickster LOKI
Philosopher John LOCKE
Porgy’s love BESS
Praised LAUDED
Remain unused SIT
Second president ADAMS
Snicker sound HEH
Sound system STEREO
Storage site BIN
Study (over) PORE
Wise man MAGUS

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