Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“It’s a mouse!” EEK
“The Simpsons” bartender MOE
Asimov classic IROBOT
Bank job CAPER
Big hits HOMERS
Costume parts WIGS
Cuba’s Castro FIDEL
Diminished EBBED
Easter find EGG
Fails miserably TANKS
Film noir classic DOA
Flowed into FED
Garage job TUNEUP
H lookalike ETA
Hamilton’s bill TEN
Handles the party CATERS
Hard worker TOILER
Hole in the head NOSTRIL
Kin of Ltd INC
Lazy fellow BUM
Made of clay EARTHEN
Makes broader WIDENS
Makes finer SIFTS
Mariner’s place SEA
Mosey along AMBLE
Nick of films NOLTE
NYC subway line IRT
Oklahoman SOONER
Overly TOO
Parting word ADIEU
Prepares broccoli STEAMS
Prophetic ones SEERS
Raft mover POLER
Reads over SCANS
Rec room fixture PINGPONGTABLE
Rec room fixture FOOSBALLTABLE
Simple denials NOS
Slow tempo ADAGIO
Soccer’s Hamm MIA
Solitary ALONE
Station workers REDCAPS
Suffering ILL
Takes stock, in a way RUSTLES
Target AIM
Tear RIP
Travel aids MAPS
Well-being HEALTH
— Cruces LAS

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