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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Give — rest!’ ITA
Acting student’s major DRAMA
Alien craft UFO
Animal life FAUNA
Back, on a boat AFT
Bartered TRADED
Body pump HEART
Body shop challenges DENTS
Bran offering FIBER
Check writer PAYER
Chess pieces MEN
Copter part ROTOR
Court WOO
Craftsman ARTISAN
Current of air DRAFT
Deal maker AGENT
Descartes’ conclusion IAM
First nĂºmero UNO
Get to one’s feet STAND
Give rise to SPAWN
Have lunch EAT
In the style of ALA
Less common RARER
Clues Answers
Like some phone cards PREPAID
Logger’s tool AXE
Made Earthlike, as a planet TERRAFORMED
Maiden name label NEE
Make a choice OPT
Marsh FEN
More original NEWER
Nutritional need PROTEIN
Oscar or Tony AWARD
Owner’s document DEED
Oxygen: Prefix AER
Pennsylvania ERIE
Precise EXACT
Prefix with receptor or therapy CHEMO
Pub game DARTS
Sports site ARENA
Start a journey SETOFF
Summer spot for some CAMP
Theater award OBIE
Trachea, informally AIRTUBE
Vote in ELECT
Was nosy SNOOPED
Wild party RAGER
Xylophone relative MARIMBA
Yucatan native MAYAN