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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– the ramparts …’ OER
‘My country — of thee’ TIS
Accumulated MASSED
Bakery output AROMA
Be unthrifty SPEND
Big family CLAN
Book lead-in PREFACE
Choose to participate OPTIN
College group FRAT
Complete END
Debate side CON
Debate side PRO
Dresses up DECKSOUT
Engine fluid COOLANT
Explores caves SPELUNKS
Fairway chunk DIVOT
Floral garlands LEIS
Genesis ORIGIN
Geologic period ERA
Guatemala neighbor BELIZE
Have bills OWE
In the middle of AMONG
Iraqi’s neighbor KUWAITI
Kilt pattern PLAID
Clues Answers
Kitchen wear APRON
Leaves quickly DUCKSOUT
Life story, for short BIO
Math comparison RATIO
Muscle connector TENDON
Past due LATE
Peony part PETAL
Sense FEEL
Shaving mishap NICK
Single LONE
Sold for RANTO
Sordid SEAMY
Suffer AIL
Syrup source MAPLE
Taking for granted ASSUMING
Tenth president TYLER
Thunder sound CLAP
Umpire’s call SAFE
Union chapter LOCAL
Wilder on film GENE
Witching group COVEN
Young man LAD
Youngster KID
Yr. parts MOS