Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“In __ veritas” VINO
“Over There!” writer COHAN
Accomplishment FEAT
Be real EXIST
Bender TOOT
Bike part TIRE
Brusque CURT
Canyon sound ECHO
Come together MEET
Counting start ONE
Cried WEPT
Derby or boater HAT
Didn’t guzzle NURSED
Diet no-no, for some CARB
Excited about INTO
Famed Florentine family MEDICI
Fellow MAN
Frank McCourt book TIS
Hand cost ANTE
Horse-related EQUINE
Knitted wrap SHAWL
Last mo DEC
Little jump HOP
Lively folk dance REEL
Lively spirit VIM
Lot unit ACRE
Make fresh RENEW
Map region ZONE
Matches EQUALS
Most pleasant NICEST
Mountain group RANGE
Oxford application SHOESHINE
Parish leader RECTOR
Phone message TEXT
Player’s peg TEE
Poet Sexton ANNE
Put up HANG
Related AKIN
Russian ruler CZAR
Sanction OKAY
Scrub WASH
Seminar group PANEL
Spoil MAR
Stage item PROP
Still output MOONSHINE
Sulky state PET
Team backer FAN
Teatime treat SCONE
Throws out EJECTS
Tips off ALERTS
Tourney pass BYE
Valentine color RED
Yale student ELI

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