Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 25 2018

Clues Answers
‘Frasier’ dog EDDIE
‘The Twilight Zone’ creator SERLING
Article THING
Artist’s medium OILS
Casino figure ODDS
Change ALTER
College heads DEANS
Coloring agents DYES
Comic Anderson LOUIE
Cool — cucumber ASA
Curvy letter ESS
Danny of ‘Moonstruck’ AIELLO
Deli bread RYE
Devout GODLY
Diner side dish SLAW
Fiddling need BOW
Finish END
Flax product LINSEED
Forest growths MOSSES
Forested area WOODLAND
Game with mallets POLO
Get an app, say DOWNLOAD
Clues Answers
Get naked STRIP
Give a new title to RENAME
Gives rise to SPAWNS
Green and Gore ALS
Highland groups CLANS
Hunting dog SETTER
Kingdom division PHYLUM
Methane or ethane GAS
Nat and Natalie COLES
Not as old YOUNGER
Oman neighbor YEMEN
One — time ATA
Outlawed ILLEGAL
Overthrow COUP
Petty arguments SPATS
Postmark part DATE
Ring competitors BOXERS
Secure firmly TIEDOWN
Singer Jenny LIND
Slow tempo ANDANTE
Stepped down ALIT
Takes ten RESTS

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