Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 28 2018

Clues Answers
‘Surprise Symphony’ composer HAYDN
‘The — Kid’ CISCO
‘This round’s –!’ ONME
‘Very funny!’ HAHA
Amorous archer EROS
Arp’s art DADA
Assist in crime ABET
Avarice, e.g SIN
Bakery worker ICER
Blasted DADGUM
Clinic worker DOCTOR
Clothes line SEAM
Comic bit GAG
Company symbol LOGOTYPE
Duplicity DECEIT
Easter flowers LILIES
Elevate LIFT
Final LAST
First número UNO
Fly or flea INSECT
Gets on AGES
GI entertainers USO
Heater GAT
Helped out in an office TEMPED
Clues Answers
In the past AGO
Jackson 5 hit ABC
Lying flat SUPINE
Makes better HEALS
Music’s Ono YOKO
Omega preceder PSI
Parcel of land ACRE
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Pitcher’s pride ARM
Pond growth ALGAE
Rambling, as a story SHAGGYDOG
Relaxed ATEASE
Sea, to Simone MER
Singer Irene CARA
Singing Sandra DEE
Sister of Janet and Michael LATOYA
Sneaker problem ODOR
The Red Baron flew one TRIPLANE
Top floor ATTIC
Torch holder SCONCE
Understands GETS
Without delay ATONCE
Writer Deighton LEN

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