Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Royal Wedding” star ASTAIRE
“That’s it!” AHA
Accords PACTS
Baby wipe additive ALOE
Boring movie SNORE
Brief time SEC
Burlap feature COARSETEXTURE
Cloth scrap RAG
College listing COURSECATALOG
Crooner Tormé MEL
Daughter of Lear REGAN
Did the walls PAPERED
Final part END
Find too cute ADORE
Flight units STEPS
Fountain treat SHAKE
Hardly wordy TERSE
Highlands girl LASS
Hosp. parts ERS
Keg need TAP
Lament MOURN
Lobster trap POT
Long-eared mammals HARES
Maui greeting ALOHA
Museum piece RELIC
Negative link NOR
One __ time ATA
Periphery EDGES
Pitch’s kin TAR
Prepared potatoes MASHED
Put into words SAY
Raucous bird MACAW
Ready for battle ARMED
Resting on ATOP
Sheds tears WEEPS
Some bucks DEER
Some swords RAPIERS
Spell HEX
Spool stuff THREAD
Swift work SATIRE
That lady SHE
That lady HER
Torah cabinet ARK
Vacation spot RESORT
Way to go ROUTE
Word separators SPACES
Yellow-gray SANDY

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