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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Additionally TOBOOT
Bauxite, for one ORE
Blunder ERR
Bop on the noggin CONK
Buccaneer PIRATE
Busy insect ANT
Caribou’s cousin ELK
Christian of ‘Mr. Robot’ SLATER
Chum PAL
Close SHUT
Crew tool OAR
Cuts down HEWS
Energy type ATOMIC
Entice TEMPT
Espy SEE
Feeling down SAD
Flower part PISTIL
Flying: Prefix AERO
Force member COP
Get to one’s feet STAND
Get together MEETUP
Gets older AGES
Guy’s friend GAL

Clues Answers
Have a snack EAT
Hayride need WAGON
Hoof sound CLOP
Horn sound TOOT
Humdinger BEAUT
Inquire ASK
James of ‘The Godfather’ CAAN
Light gas NEON
Mini-map INSET
Murdered SLAIN
Negative link NOR
Neigh sayer HORSE
Nile serpent ASP
Norway’s capital OSLO
Patch up MEND
Peaceful CALM
Plant pest APHID
Salary recipient EARNER
Saloon order ALE
Sis’s sib BRO
Tendon SINEW
Top rating TEN
Venus Williams’ sister SERENA
Wall art MURAL
Whirlybird COPTER
Zodiac cat LEO