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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 7 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Alfie’ star CAINE
Adopted son of Claudius NERO
Base for shingles TARPAPER
Beat walker COP
Bible boat ARK
Block DAM
Bow of film CLARA
Bread spread OLEO
Canary snack SEED
Century division DECADE
Chimed RANG
Close NEAR
Complain CARP
Curbside noisemaker CARALARM
Diamond of music NEIL
Domingo song ARIA
Driver’s place GOLFBAG
Edison’s middle name ALVA
Enclosed, in a way WALLED
Even a little ATALL
Fact book ALMANAC
Fish eggs ROE
Force unit DYNE
Freshener target ODOR
Greek vowel ETA

Clues Answers
House topper ROOF
Iris setting EYE
Lake near Buffalo ERIE
Lima’s land PERU
Linking word AND
Makes the rounds? BARTENDS
Map line ROAD
Merchandise WARES
Michigan, for one LAKE
Monk’s music CHANT
Pollux’s mother LEDA
Prompted CUED
Ring islands ATOLLS
San Antonio team SPURS
Smart CHIC
Soup server LADLE
Stone on screen SHARON
Syrup choice MAPLE
Track shape OVAL
Used a lot PARKED
Wedding words IDO
Widespread FARFLUNG
Yard border HEDGE