Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 1 2018

Clues Answers
‘– evil’ SEENO
A bit cold NIPPY
Argued PLED
Arm bone ULNA
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Called to the phone PAGED
Cereal grain OAT
Continually EVER
Decrepit horse NAG
Drink like a dog LAP
Engaged HIRED
Enterprise rate WARPSPEED
Ethan’s ‘Gattaca’ co-star UMA
Field units ACRES
Fissure CLEFT
Fully informed UPTOSPEED
Gardener’s tool HOE
In the past AGO
Indivisible numbers PRIMES
Island south of Sicily MALTA
Knock for a loop AMAZE
Lend — (hear out) ANEAR
Like lions MANED
Clues Answers
Like some eclipses LUNAR
Line of symmetry AXIS
Much of N. Amer USA
Neon or helium GAS
Oil cartel OPEC
One of the March sisters AMY
Orchard crop APPLES
Police station event LINEUP
Put in for a job APPLY
Quick punch JAB
Relieve RID
Remote FAR
San Diego player PADRE
Sassiness LIP
Shocked sounds GASPS
Summit TOP
Take it easy LAZE
Tedious folks BORES
Tequila source AGAVE
Uno, due, — TRE
Urgent call SOS
Went ahead LED
Winter Games athlete SPEEDSKATER
Wise saying AXIOM
Yakked it up JAWED

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