Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
‘Bye!’ SEEYA
‘Of — I Sing’ THEE
Alley prowlers CATS
Arduous journey TREK
Asian desert GOBI
Basic belief TENET
Beachcombing find SEASHELL
Bender SPREE
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Boise’s state IDAHO
Bother ADO
Charged bit ION
Corn unit EAR
Dapper NATTY
David’s weapon SLING
Decade parts YEARS
Eins und zwei DREI
February birthstones AMETHYSTS
Field protector TARP
Gear part COG
Gooey cheese BRIE
Holler YELL
Hollowed out CORED
Hotel desk fixture BELL
Id — EST
Iditarod animal SLEDDOG
Clues Answers
Japanese cartoon genre ANIME
Kitchen whistler KETTLE
Luke’s teacher YODA
Make fun of MOCK
North Pole worker ELF
Not toned FLABBY
Off limits TABOO
Opposing vote NAY
Pharmacy unit PILL
Rage IRE
School group CLASS
September birthstones SAPPHIRES
Shark feature FIN
Skilled ABLE
Some change NICKELS
Start of a count ONE
Steer clear of AVOID
Stew sphere PEA
Street openings MANHOLES
Stylishly quaint RETRO
Toe the line OBEY
Track shape OVAL
Up to now SOFAR
Up to now ASYET
Used a chair SAT

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