Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 13 2018

Clues Answers
‘Death in Venice’ author MANN
Bowling site LANE
Buck’s mate DOE
Chapel worker PARSON
Clarinet part REED
Closed tight SEALED
Closing song FINALE
Country division STATE
Diet no-no FAT
Egg setting NEST
Find darling ADORE
Finish END
First-rate TOPS
Fish eggs ROE
Fragrant tree FIR
Greek cheese FETA
Groom’s answer IDO
Have dinner EAT
Heathen PAGAN
High times UPS
Hollywood’s Errol FLYNN
Human being PERSON
Incline SLANT
Kind of pride GAY
Lusty look LEER
Clues Answers
Mailed SENT
Mine find LODE
Mine rock ORE
Mom’s sisters AUNTS
Neighborhood AREA
Prepared for a blow TENSED
Public discussion FORUM
Pump rating OCTANE
Puppy sound YAP
Retina setting EYE
Runway worker MODEL
Sassy talk LIP
Shell game need PEA
Source of wisdom ORACLE
Take advantage of USE
Team backer FAN
Total extent FULLMEASURE
Trample STEPON
Ulna’s place ARM
Vatican VIP POPE
Warning with no follow-through EMPTYTHREAT
Words of understanding ISEE
Words to the bandleader HITIT
Worker’s perk DAYOFF
Writer Harper LEE
Writer Nin ANAIS

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