Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
‘Christina’s World’ painter WYETH
‘I should be going’ ITSLATE
2002 Cuba Gooding Jr. movie SNOWDOGS
According to ALA
Baja boy NINO
Bathroom fixture MIRROR
Boxing combos ONETWOS
Burger toppers ONIONS
Cell feature BARS
Conducting props BATONS
Disease cause GERM
Easy victim SAP
Eyelashes CILIA
Fallon’s predecessor LENO
Favoring PRO
Flock response AMEN
Gladdens ELATES
Holiday warmers YULELOGS
Iberian invaders MOORS
Ibsen’s home OSLO
Jail cell CAGE
Kingly address SIRE
Limerick people IRISH
Long time EON
Make progress GAIN
Clues Answers
Maze runner RAT
Mom or dad PARENT
Nick Charles’ wife NORA
Nuts’ partners BOLTS
Open space AREA
Organic fuel sources PEATBOGS
Pert talk SASS
Reading and others: Abbr RRS
Relaxing places SPAS
Sahara sights DUNES
Sea dogs TARS
Shade providers ELMS
Signing need PEN
Speech problem LISP
Spoken ORAL
Steel ingredient IRON
Travel aids MAPS
Treacherous one VIPER
Tusked creatures WARTHOGS
Twenty, in Paris VINGT
Upscale homes MANORS
Vigor PEP
War of 1812 port ERIE
Ways to go PATHS

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