Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
’60 Minutes’ airer CBS
— de deux PAS
Attendance count NOSES
Bar bill TAB
Big shot VIP
Book goofs ERRATA
Bourne’s portrayer DAMON
Burger part PATTY
Chum PAL
Clamor DIN
Comfy spots NESTS
Components MODULES
Court divider NET
Court event TRIAL
Curaçao’s neighbor ARUBA
Duo quadrupled OCTET
Elephant of stories BABAR
Engine part CAM
Ethane, e.g GAS
Expert ACE
French article UNE
Frivolous legal actions NUISANCESUITS
Grain to grind GRIST
Harangue RANT
Jazz genre BEBOP
Clues Answers
Judi of ‘Chocolat’ DENCH
June honoree DAD
June honoree POP
Macbeth prop DAGGER
Messages with followers TWEETS
Noble’s pride TITLE
Peter Pan’s creator BARRIE
Portland setting MAINE
Reviled HATED
Rock beater PAPER
Salad herb ARUGULA
Scatter seeds SOW
Seventh letter ETA
Shakespeare creation SONNET
Sibilant summons PSST
Sinking signal SOS
Slippery EVASIVE
Some answers YESES
Split centers BANANAS
Stopwatch button RESET
Strong wind GALE
They’re worn with ties BUSINESSSUITS
Tickle AMUSE
Typically ASEVER
Writer Oz AMOS

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