Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘Evil Woman’ band ELO
Blood component PLASMA
Body of eau MER
Boston player CELTIC
Brat’s opposite ANGEL
Bring close to boiling SCALD
Chess piece MAN
Cooking vessel KETTLE
Coral PINK
Crazes FADS
Early carmaker OLDS
Ease up ABATE
Goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Hearing aid? EAR
Huge hit SMASH
Israel’s Yitzhak RABIN
Light metal TIN
Long lunches HEROS
Low digit ONE
March honoree STPATRICK
March symbols SHAMROCKS
Mayday call SOS
Mob makeup RIOTERS
Clues Answers
Muffin makeup OATBRAN
Music’s Mariah CAREY
Order to Spot STAY
Parrot or puppy PET
Perry’s assistant DELLA
Physics bits ATOMS
Plane’s place HANGAR
Polite answer YESMAAM
Position STANCE
Prepare to shoot FOCUS
Recipe amount PINCH
Record companies LABELS
Satellite connection UPLINK
Shelley work ODE
Sign of freshness SLAP
Skilled ADEPT
Slept soundly? SNORED
Stroller user TOT
Stylishly quaint RETRO
Turkey’s highest point ARARAT
Was malodorous STANK
Wine list section REDS
Witchy town SALEM

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