Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
‘– Believer’ IMA
‘Die Hard’ star WILLIS
‘The Far Side’ cartoonist LARSON
‘The Matrix’ hero NEO
Abrasive powder EMERY
Anticipate PLANON
Aussie runner EMU
Basic need STAPLE
Batter’s low hit LINER
Brit’s brew TEA
Brooks of film MEL
Came into view EMERGED
China piece PLATE
Comic Laurel STAN
Commotion ADO
Deli bread RYE
Determined SET
Do some laps SWIM
Dress line HEM
Easter find EGG
European grazer REDDEER
Firefighting needs HOSES
Fish eggs ROE
Flower part SEPAL
Flower part ANTHER
Clues Answers
Future fungus SPORE
Good judgment SENSE
High jinks ANTICS
Last letter OMEGA
Less civil RUDER
Loose shirt CAMISE
Lowly laborer ANT
Meeting slate AGENDA
Much of Niger SAHARA
Nervous motion TIC
Photo collection ALBUM
Postnatal docs PEDIATRICIANS
Powerful people INS
Rashness HASTE
Ring great ALI
Running back’s gain YARDAGE
School paper ESSAY
School subject ENGLISH
Site of ‘bombs bursting’ INAIR
Some tires SPARES
Tender spots SORES
Tire fill GAS
Tire track RUT
Topper CAP

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