Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘Certainly!’ YES
‘Parks and Recreation’ town PAWNEE
‘So that’s it!’ AHA
Allude (to) REFER
Banish EXILE
Combat WAR
Comic bit GAG
Conference POWWOW
Cooking fat LARD
Crew tool OAR
Croc’s cousin GATOR
Energy ZIP
Feeling down SAD
Fiery crime ARSON
Finish ENDUP
Galoot APE
Genesis setting EDEN
Gooey cheese BRIE
Harbor structure PIER
Huck’s friend TOM
Jason’s ship ARGO
Judicial garb ROBES
Lode material ORE
Long stories SAGAS
Microwave sounds BEEPS
Mountain group RANGE
Clues Answers
Much of N. Amer USA
National symbol EAGLE
Nourished FED
Open space AREA
Petty argument SPAT
Phone bill addition FEE
Procured GOT
Pull along TOW
Purloined STOLE
Purposes USES
Quarterback Manning ELI
Scarlett’s last name OHARA
Stadium group FANS
Superstar Streisand BARBRA
Take a breather REST
Terrible AWFUL
Therefore ERGO
Touches lightly PATS
Tourist’s car RENTAL
Trade show EXPO
Under the weather ILL
Unyielding FIRM
Vatican-based PAPAL
Vaulting aid SPRINGBOARD
Victory WIN
Weakly unsteady WOOZY
Wise ones GURUS

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