Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
‘Aw, shucks!’ GEE
‘Dallas’ star HAGMAN
‘Lenore’ writer POE
‘Scram!’ BEATIT
Bar bills TABS
Biden and Pence VEEPS
Bike part TIRE
Brown and Cornell, for two IVIES
Casino patron BETTOR
Cheering word BRAVO
Chowed down ATE
Cow call MOO
Crook BEND
Deep chasm RAVINE
Derisive cry BAH
Egg outline OVAL
Fake name ALIAS
Flunkies LACKEYS
Formerly ONCE
Gift from Santa TOY
History stretch ERA
Inclined SLOPED
Infamous czar IVAN
John Major, for one TORY
Knight’s address SIR
Clues Answers
Low bill ONE
Neighbor of Uru ARG
Outlaw Kelly NED
Penitent person ATONER
Prayer ender AMEN
Rider’s foothold STIRRUP
Russian leader PUTIN
Sass LIP
Scientist Nikola TESLA
Sea dogs TARS
Seasonal song NOEL
Show up ARRIVE
Singer Frankie AVALON
Soft drink choice BIRCHBEER
Soft drink choice GINGERALE
Tell whoppers LIE
Tolkien baddie ORC
Velocity SPEED
Wasn’t thrifty SPENT
Watch over TEND
Wee worker ANT
What x sometimes means TIMES
Wildly eager AGOG
With vigor KEENLY
Yale supporter ELI

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