Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘Citizen Kane’ creator WELLES
‘Love Story’ writer SEGAL
Assam export TEA
Banks of baseball ERNIE
Baseball score RUN
Bengal cat TIGER
Blanched PALE
Car scar DENT
Cold War easing DETENTE
Composer Satie ERIK
Contempt DISDAIN
Crossed the creek WADED
Culpability BLAME
Current news LATEST
Curtain holder ROD
Do some laps SWIM
Door-opening phrase ALLOWME
Fiction LIE
Fields AREAS
Flower part STAMEN
Friend of Porthos ARAMIS
Glisten SHINE
Hawaiian resort WAIKIKI
Hurried flight LAM
Clues Answers
Ignominy SHAME
It began around 1760 INDUSTRIALAGE
It begins around 66 RETIREMENTAGE
Join the regatta SAIL
Le Pew of cartoons PEPE
Maryland player TERP
Objective AIM
Outback runner EMU
Painter Hopper EDWARD
Posted SENT
Prepare to move PACKUP
Put forth EXERT
Put in stitches SEWED
Receipt line TAX
Resided DWELT
Rough guesses STABS
Sales talk PITCH
Secreted HID
Setting item GEM
Short putt TAPIN
Squall STORM
Strong winds GALES
Yemen neighbor OMAN

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