Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
‘– had it!’ IVE
‘The Waste Land’ poet ELIOT
Act the waiter SERVE
Beholds SEES
Blundered ERRED
Bra parts STRAPS
Calf’s cry MAA
Carnivore’s craving REDMEAT
Cash dispenser ATM
Community event STREETPARTY
Company division SALES
David of ‘Separate Tables’ NIVEN
Derisive sound SNORT
Devoured ATEUP
Didn’t go STAYED
Doled (out) METED
Find a sum ADD
GIs overseas YANKS
H look-alike ETA
Hoof sounds CLOPS
Houston and Rayburn SAMS
Ignited again RELIT
In addition TOO
Lamb’s father RAM
Clues Answers
Long of TV NIA
Lumber unit LOG
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
Magic illusion TRICK
Musical sound TONE
Nephew’s sister NIECE
Pub game DARTS
Pub pints ALE
Room design DECOR
Short times MOMENTS
Singer Reed LOU
Smithy sight ANVIL
Start of a count ONE
Story TALE
Throw away SCRAP
Ticked off RILED
Touring troupe of actors ROADCOMPANY
Unadorned PLAIN
Underground rodent MOLERAT
Walking aids CANES
When challenged ONADARE
Wisdom bringer AGE
Without others ALONE

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