Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
Abacus units BEADS
Aslan’s place NARNIA
Beat at the board MATED
Bouncy tune LILT
Busy worker ANT
Castle parts TOWERS
Chiding sound TUT
Command to Spot SIT
Confront boldly ACCOST
Cook’s wear APRON
Core feature SEEDS
Couldn’t handle the pressure CHOKED
Curator’s concern ART
Cut with precision CARVE
First lady EVE
Game of hands POKER
Gibbon, e.g APE
Goof ERR
Homer’s neighbor NED
Hunt goddess DIANA
Is lacking NEEDS
Kublai Khan, e.g MONGOL
Lacking luxury AUSTERE
Clues Answers
Load unit TON
Lyric poem ODE
Minute TEENY
Misery WOE
Molten rock MAGMA
More underhanded DIRTIER
Move furtively CREEP
Near the ground LOW
Northwest Territories sight GREATBEARLAKE
Not — dare ONA
Not napping AWAKE
Pi follower RHO
Previously AGO
Put on the line BET
Queued up INLINE
Rocker Vicious SID
Signed, as a contract INKED
Skilled ABLE
Stockpiled LAIDIN
Suffering ILL
Unbroken INTACT
Whatever person ANYONE
Wine expert TASTER

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