Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
British school student ETONIAN
Cat coat FUR
Clickable picture ICON
Compass dir ENE
Contemptuous smiles SNEERS
Cut in half BISECT
Desk set item PEN
Fixes socks DARNS
Food fish TILAPIA
Food fish SNAPPER
Gallery fill ART
Game fish TARPON
Game fish SALMON
Goddess of grains DEMETER
Golf goals PARS
Got together MET
Hit’s counterpart BSIDE
Hold tightly GRASP
Italian wine region ASTI
Kind of question YESNO
Malek of ‘Mr. Robot’ RAMI
Marine fish SEABASS
Clues Answers
Marine fish POLLACK
Masked mammals COONS
Mocking comments SNARK
MPG-rating org EPA
Musical sounds TONES
Penny CENT
Pious sort SAINT
Playwright Neil SIMON
Pretends FEINTS
Rapidly APACE
Sculpting medium STONE
Self-contained ONEPART
Set straight ORIENT
Sick ILL
Silver or gold METAL
Smell awful REEK
Snow lander SKIPLANE
Suit accessory TIE
Toronto’s province ONTARIO
Twofold DUAL
Uncivilized BARBARIC
Workout sites GYMS
Writer Rice ANNE
Yellowstone animal BEAR

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