Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 6 2018

Clues Answers
1964 Hitchcock film MARNIE
Bassoon part REED
Blues-based music BOOGIE
Boxing great ALI
Carrot color ORANGE
Checked out TESTED
Church offshoots SECTS
Coffee add-in CREAM
Course numbers PARS
Cow of commercials ELSIE
Debate side PRO
Deep-seated INNATE
Door fastener HASP
Fabric workers DYERS
Fixes copy EDITS
Gangland gun GAT
Half of hex- TRI
Hunting dog SETTER
Inclines TILTS
John of Monty Python CLEESE
Joust need LANCE
Like gingerbread SPICED
Limited FINITE
List-ending abbr ETC
Clues Answers
Location SPOT
Lover’s songs SERENADES
Loves to pieces ADORES
Lower in status DEMEAN
Nest egg acct IRA
Noted Virginia family LEES
Nun’s wear HABIT
Painter Degas EDGAR
Paris river SEINE
Refer to CITE
Remote FAR
Sinners’ disclosures CONFESSIONS
Stadium sales CONCESSIONS
Suffering ILL
That girl’s HERS
They may be counted NOSES
TV’s ‘– Haw’ HEE
Ump’s call SAFE
Unescorted ALONE
Venus’ sister SERENA
Warning sound ALARM
Workout unit REP

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