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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 7 2018

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Thomas Joseph РKing Feature Syndicate Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 7 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Got it’ ISEE
‘The Road’ star Mortensen VIGGO
‘You know you want to!’ CMON
Activate TURNON
Arkin of ‘Argo’ ALAN
Barber’s aid STROP
Bit of rind ZEST
Canyon sound ECHO
Character’s previous life BACKSTORY
Chimed RANG
Coffee, in slang JAVA
Devoured ATE
Diner dish OMELET
Dmitri’s denial NYET
Do a checkout job BAG
Finale END
Finger count TEN
Fish eggs ROE
Flat floater RAFT
Foe of Harry and Ron DRACO
Ford classic MODELT
Frying need PAN
Funny fellow WIT
Genuine REAL
Godzilla’s home JAPAN
Got together MET
Headline setting FRONTPAGE
Houston player ASTRO
Letter after epsilon ZETA
Losing tic-tac-toe row OXO
Massage target ACHE
New Hampshire town EXETER
Nonsense TRIPE
Orderly NEAT
Pewter component TIN
Plot unit ACRE
Pool tool RACK
Region AREA
Rep.’s rival DEM
Salad ingredient TOMATO
Samovars URNS
Stance POSE
Stepped down ALIT
Stir-frying needs WOKS
Take the prize WIN
Talk excitedly RANTED
Tiny laborer ANT
Town center SQUARE
Trembled QUAKED
Writer Kesey KEN