Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Dallas’ mom ELLIE
Back, on a boat AFT
Balder’s father ODIN
Bear in the air URSA
Blunder ERR
By way of VIA
Cheap hotel FLOPHOUSE
Clear sky ETHER
Computer expert TECHIE
Copier part SORTER
Corn core COB
Corn unit EAR
De Niro or Duvall ROBERT
Demonic EVIL
Door holder’s words LETME
Elba of ‘The Dark Tower’ IDRIS
Ethane, for one GAS
Fire result ASH
Fork feature TINE
Fuss ADO
Idle on film ERIC
Ill-mannered RUDE
Itches YENS
Like just-slept-in beds UNMADE
Low digits TOES
Lusty look OGLE
Musical symbol REST
Ocean motion TIDE
Off the path ASTRAY
Paint undercoat SEALER
Pasta bit NOODLE
Presentation aid FLIPCHART
Reduced amount LESS
Ruby of films DEE
Saloon seat BARSTOOL
Shingles pro ROOFER
Simpletons SAPHEADS
Small bill ONE
Some turns LEFTS
Southwest homes ADOBES
Spots SEES
Spying org CIA
Stares in shock GAPES
Tag sale words ASIS
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Tasty bit MORSEL
Way off FAR
Wilson’s predecessor TAFT

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