Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 9 2018

Clues Answers
2006 Pixar film CARS
Accords PACTS
Authority SAYSO
Bar bill TAB
Barracks bed COT
Card spot PIP
Chiding sound TSK
Components PARTS
Corn Belt state IOWA
Cowboy contest RODEO
Cuts off ENDS
Dispelled differences CLEAREDTHEAIR
Dome home IGLOO
Dove’s desire PEACE
Earth neighbor MARS
Fast runner HARE
Fight memento SCAR
Get older AGE
Handle WIELD
Heaps ALOT
Laments loudly SOBS
Locker room need TOWEL
Manmade fiber ORLON
Marquee name STAR
Clues Answers
Mediocre SOSO
Paper pack REAM
Pasture grazer COW
Pencil parts ERASERS
Print units ENS
Race finish TAPE
Removed obstacles CLEAREDTHEWAY
Resistance units OHMS
Rink bunch SKATERS
Saloon order ALE
Sch. orgs PTAS
Secret supply CACHE
Shepard in space ALAN
Ship storage HOLD
Slapstick weapons PIES
Spice from nutmeg MACE
Starry hunter ORION
Strips PEELS
Sulky state PET
Summer sign LEO
Tokyo thanks ARIGATO
Tuned in AWARE
Verdi forte OPERA
Wanders (about) GADS
West Point student CADET

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