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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – March 20 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Au contraire!’ NOTTRUE
‘In the Seven Woods’ poet YEATS
__ Restaurant’ ALICES
Article ITEM
As an alternative INSTEAD
Badminton need NET
Bar bills TABS
Bar order SHOT
Blender button PUREE
Border EDGE
Bullring cheer OLE
Cain’s mother EVE
Clears, as a windshield DEFOGS
Eggs, in Latin OVA
Fall back RECEDE
Fireplace stack LOGS
Game with mallets POLO
Get even for AVENGE
Greet the villain BOO
Gun, as a motor REV
Heaps ALOT
Historic times AGES
Huck’s friend TOM
In the past AGO
Lingerie buy BRA
Made a choice OPTED
Makes fun of TEASES
Miserly STINGY
More valiant BRAVER
Mouse chasers CATS
Must have NEEDS
Nest item EGG
Opium source POPPY
Peas purchase CAN
Poorly ILL
Rowing team leader COX
Royal flush top ACE
Sailing hazard REEF
SandL offering IRA
Scoundrel RASCAL
Solitary LONE
Spa locale HOTSPRING
Suffering AGONY
Suspect’s claim ALIBI
Tofu base SOY
Trinidad’s neighbor TOBAGO
Unspoken TACIT
Used a keyboard TYPED
Wading bird IBIS