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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – March 25 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Hot dog!’ or ‘Holy cow!’ EXCLAMATION
__ a Rock’ IAM
Authored WROTE
Boxing great ALI
Brewing vessels TEAPOTS
Buddhism branch ZEN
Building wing ELL
Cut off SEVER
Dance moves STEPS
Egg layer HEN
Enclosed territory ENCLAVE
External OUTER
Finish ENDUP
Fish eggs ROE
Fresh NEW
Furious IRATE
Goddess of the hunt DIANA
Home of the Marlins MIAMI
Ignores the limit SPEEDS
Isolated APART
Jacket flap LAPEL
Kick back RELAX
Letter after beta GAMMA
Letter after sigma TAU
Lugged TOTED
Make a speech ORATE
Med. coverage provider HMO
More mature OLDER
Music category POP
Must have NEEDS
PC key ALT
Permit ALLOW
Picnic pest ANT
Pollute TAINT
Pre-maiden name word NEE
Prophets SEERS
Reason given for an action EXPLANATION
Regret RUE
Small amphibian NEWT
Small songbirds WRENS
Soap operas SERIALS
Striped cat TIGER
Talks and talks GABS
Thing that may be on a house TAXLIEN
Trophy recipient WINNER
Unnamed person SOMEONE
Window section PANE
Writer Rice ANNE
Zellweger of ‘Chicago’ RENEE