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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – March 9 2019

Published in Eugene Sheffer King Feature Syndicate. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
All the world’s __’ ASTAGE
Assesses RATES
Before now AGO
Big tub VAT
Bow wood YEW
Braille bit DOT
British river AVON
Burger toppers ONIONS
Called off ENDED
Cap feature VISOR
Catch sight of SEE
Concert setting ARENA
Constricted NARROW
Cop’s concern CRIME
Corn setting TOE
Coronado’s gold ORO
Cub’s cave DEN
Custom USAGE
Declares STATES
Dernier __ CRI
District SECTOR
Earlier AFORE
Insipid BANAL
Lane for commuters BUSWAY
Laundromat sights DRIERS
Like Thor and Odin NORSE
Longtime senator Thurmond STROM
Makes fun of DERIDES
Mars, e.g WARGOD
Memorable time ERA
Mine find ORE
Prominent FAMED
Quarry rock LIMESTONE
Radio’s Glass IRA
Rake with gunfire STRAFE
Senile sort DOTARD
Showed again RERAN
Small quake TREMOR
Squashed circles OVALS
Tart candy LEMONDROP
Threat phrase ORELSE
Tiger features STRIPES
Unspoken TACIT
Up to now SOFAR
Walked with purpose STRODE
Wildly eager AGOG
Wrestling holds NELSONS